About HowToHelpAnimals

How To Help Animals

The journey of HowToHelpAnimals.com started in June 2021 as an effect of people starting to be more enlightened about animal welfare and being more aware of climate change. The website’s purpose is to advise the reader on how they can do small things that make a great deal for someone else.

Having been an outdoor person who enjoys the company of animals more than humans, I took the step and created the website. Knowing that the most advice on animals online is related to hunting instead of caring for them, I knew something had to be done for certain.


The Goal for HowToHelpAnimals is to grow helpful tips for helping the animals and making it easier for people to do something. Almost everyone loves animals, but not all know how to help them.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.


If you want to come in contact, please feel free to send an email to daniel {a} howtohelpanimals.com.