About The Author


Just your regular guy who enjoys the outdoors and spending time in nature. I was born in the ’80s during winter. However, my favorite season is spring, and seasoning is cumin. Spring wakes everything to life, and cumin makes everything taste better.


I often start new projects, but instead of abandoning them, I work on several simultaneously. This might not be recommended, but I need my mind to keep busy at all times.

My current projects are:

  • HowToHelpAnimals.com (This obviously)
  • Blivegan.se (A website helping people how to go vegan)
  • Skrapplockarna.se (My own company where people pay me to pick up litter in nature)
  • Trvekvlt.se (A website reviewing metal albums)


Unfortunately, I spend most of my 9-5 in a cubical at a telecom provider working in never-ending Excel sheets.

I relate very much to Jim Halpert from The Office every time I get asked about my work.

Jim Halpert Boring Myself


My longtime goals are very narrow. My greatest wish right now is to educate myself into becoming a veterinary nurse. After studying, I will move to a smaller city, closer to nature, and live in a house where I own a micro animal sanctuary caring for animals who have been rescued from the animal industry.

Bucket list

Although the list is not that comprehensive I still do have a small list.

  • Traveled to the 30 biggest cities: COMPLETE! I did this during 2018 riding a train.
  • Rescue an animal: COMPLETE! The cat is living proof.
  • Own an animal sanctuary:
  • Attend 500 concerts: COMPLETE! Best concert: Dark Funeral
  • Become a millionaire:
  • Have my own company: COMPLETE! Skrapplockarna was registered in May 2021.


  • Favorite Book: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman
  • Favorite Movie: Lord of The Rings trilogy
  • Favorite TV series: The Office US
  • Favorite Music: Extreme metal
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Animal: Elephants