How To Help A Squirrel That Got Hit By A Car

How To Help A Squirrel That Got Hit By A Car

It can be distressing to come across an injured squirrel, especially if it has been hit by a car. However, there are steps you can take to provide first aid and potentially save the squirrel’s life.

Learn how to provide first aid and seek veterinary care for a squirrel hit by a car. Follow these steps to potentially save its life and help it recover. Also, take preventative measures to reduce the risk of future accidents involving squirrels.

f you come across a squirrel that has been hit by a car, it is important to know how to provide appropriate first aid and seek veterinary care in order to give the animal the best chance of survival and recovery.

Assessing the Squirrel’s Condition

The first step in assisting an injured squirrel is determining its status. Approach the squirrel slowly and cautiously since it may be shocked and feel frightened. Examine the area for any evident injuries, such as broken limbs or wounds. Check to determine if the squirrel is breathing and has a pulse as well. CPR may be required if the squirrel is unconscious or not breathing. However, it is critical to use caution when performing CPR since squirrels can contain infections and parasites that can be passed to humans.

Keeping the Squirrel Safe and Comfortable

After you’ve determined the squirrel’s health, the following step is to keep it secure and comfortable. If the squirrel is aware, attempt to relocate it to a quiet, warm location away from any predators. To establish a temporary shelter, line a cardboard box with a soft fabric or blanket. If the squirrel is asleep or unable to move, you must proceed with caution. Lift the squirrel gently with a towel or gloves and place it in the improvised shelter. Maybe give the squirrel some fruits to eat.

Providing First Aid

If the squirrel’s injuries are serious or you are unable to offer adequate first aid, it is critical that you seek veterinary treatment as quickly as possible. Find a wildlife rehabilitation facility or a veterinarian who has experience treating wild animals. It is vital to remember that keeping wild animals as pets is prohibited in many locations, so make sure to respect local laws and regulations.

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How to Prevent Accidents Involving Squirrels

While it is not always feasible to avoid squirrel-related incidents, there are precautions you may do to decrease the danger. For example, you may deter squirrels by eliminating any possible food sources, such as bird feeders or fallen fruit. You should also be extra cautious when driving, particularly in places where squirrels are common.

In conclusion

If you come across a squirrel that has been hit by a car, cautiously approach the animal and check its condition. Once the extent of the damage has been confirmed, you may administer first aid and keep the squirrel secure and comfortable. If the injuries are serious, it is critical that veterinary treatment be sought as quickly as possible. While it is not always feasible to prevent squirrel accidents, you may lessen the danger by eliminating potential food sources and driving with additional caution.

If you need more help and step-by-step help how to help an injured squirrel, check here.


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