The Best 10 Jobs With Animals For Kids

Kids earning money by helping animals

I’ve never met a kid who hasn’t loved animals. Animals and kids are genuinely kind and see the world in different eyes than adults. When you ask kids what they want to do when they grow up, many say they want to work with animals. In this article, we will discuss different ways kids can make some money while helping animals.

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Kids can work with animals in different ways. They can walk dogs, retrieving dogs, bake dog biscuits, craft pet bowls, helping with chores in barns, planting flowers and selling them, growing vegetables and selling them, and offer to make people’s windows bird-safe. Many of the jobs require supervision from their parents but some jobs can they do by themselves or with a friend.

1. Become the reliable dog walker

Walk dogs and earn money

Something both dogs and kids have in common is they have a lot of energy, and it seems there is an inexhaustible resource of energy. That’s something you can take advantage of when trying to find an extra income for your kids. Beware, not all ages are self-propelled, and younger kids need help from an adult. A kid under the age of 10 shouldn’t walk a large dog themselves, and kids below this age lack the maturity and strength to control a large dog.

If you want your kids to make some extra money from walking dogs, you might want to follow along in the beginning. You can use it as quality time with your kids and learn more about their interests and love for dogs.

2. Become a dog taxi

Earn money and deliver dogs at the doggy daycare

I remember when I was young, I was always up early watching cartoons. When I grew older, I had a paper route. Something I didn’t do, but I wish I would have – is to be the neighbor’s dog taxi. When covid restrictions are lifted, and people return to the offices, more people will leave their dogs at the doggy daycare again.

Mornings are usually a very stressful time of the day for most families. Morning routines, breakfast, dropping the kids off at school, traffic jams, and of course – leaving Rover at the daycare. What if you and your kids can help stressed families in the morning by walking their dog and leave it at the daycare for them?

The same thing goes in the afternoon when Rover needs to be retrieved at the doggy daycare. Stressed families preparing dinner, help with homework, buying groceries, and everything in between. Can you get Rover from the daycare, walk him home and return him to his home? I’m sure many families would love to skip this time-consuming daily thing.

You can introduce yourself to the local doggy daycares and ask them to mention your name to their customers. Perhaps you can work something out?

3. Dog biscuit baker

Earn money from selling dog biscuits

Do you and your kids like to bake? If so, why not aim for a broader and fluffier audience? Pet owners want the best for their pets and can buy the most expensive stuff at the local pet store. Can you make something just as good but less expensive?

Before you embark on this project you will need to do some research. Dogs can’t eat everything, and some things might even be lethal to them.

After you have made your recipe list with ingredients – check the list with a veterinarian and get confirmed they can’t hurt dogs.

After that, it’s time to start baking. Be aware you will need to check shelf life and see how many days it can go without turning bad.

Below is an inspirational video on starting a dog bakery.

5. Pet bowl crafter

Earn money from pottering dog bowls

All living things need water to survive. But not all living things have a fancy bowl to drink out of. That’s where you come in. There are beginner kits to buy at local supply stores and online supplies. There are a lot of online tutorials on how to get started. If I would start with pottery for pets, I would do customized bowls. Letting the pet owners fill out a form with their pet’s favorite color, things they like, size and etc. It becomes much easier to do a custom-made bowl with more information.

6. Become a dog trainer

Earn money by training other peoples dogs

If your kids love dogs, they might love to train them to do tricks as well. Most people would like their dogs to be able to do some commands. Sitting, lying down, speak, paw, and so on. What most people don’t know is that it takes a lot of practice and time to teach a dog new tricks. Time, most of us don’t have. What if your kids can be the local pet trainers? It requires watching a few Youtube videos on how to teach a dog new tricks. But most of all – a lot of patience. Being consistent and award good behavior is important for learning the dog new tricks.

Put up some flyers and post in the local Facebook groups about your business. If you have a dog of your own or have a friend who’s willing to lend you their dog – you can make videos where you train the dog. People tend to enjoy watching something before they buy it. If you can show you working with a dog they may be more inclined to hire you.

7. Doing chores in the barn

Earn money from helping out in barns

Farmers and horse owners need help sometimes. Are your kids interested in horses, pigs, cows, and other farm animals? Would they be willing to clean out stables from feces? Feeding pigs or hens? The list of things that need to be done daily on a farm can be pretty long. I suggest visiting nearby farms and telling them you are able to help and what you are good at. Perhaps there isn’t anything related to animals to do at the barn – but the fences might need to be repainted. Plants watered, or something carried. Despite not being active with the animals directly, you still helping them in some way. The flowers need water for the bees to pollinate them. The fences might need repair so the horses won’t escape.

If your goal is to work with animals as an adult, working in a barn at a young age might look good on your resume later.

8. Grow flowers and sell them

Earn money by selling flowers

This is a very simple tip on how to earn money. Most people like flowers and beautiful bouquets. Especially when they are locally grown, look great, and are sold by a kid.

To get started you will need seeds, soil, different sized cups, and perhaps some fertilizer. You can get all of this at the local gardening supply store. Explain your idea to them and I’m sure they will help you build a starting kit. Before you visit check your weather conditions. How much sun will the flowers get each day, are your windows facing in a specific direction? Knowing this will help them build a kit for you.

9. Grow vegetables and sell them

Earn money by selling vegetables you've grown yoursef

Locally and organic are on everyone’s lips nowadays. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could eat vegetables grown in your backyard? A lot of people want this. Can you dedicate some time each week and grow vegetables for your community?

The best thing about this is you can scale it in any size you want. You can go as small as to dedicate a window to different herbs, but also dedicate your whole garden to vegetables. The choice is yours.

One way to get the word out is to put up a sign where you are growing. “Growing organic vegetables. Interested in buying? Contact me!”.

10. Birdsafe people’s windows

Earn money by birdsafing people's windows

Sadly, a lot of birds die each year from crashing into windows. The birds usually can’t notice really clean windows and end up flying into them. There are some ways on how to help birds notice windows. You can add lights, plants, and other things hanging from the ceiling. However, in this tip for kids who want to help animals and make money, we will focus on tape. This is much easier if you are at least two people.

There are tapes specially made to help birds to be more aware of windows. The tapes are attached to windows vertically, almost like prison bars. The birds will avoid the window since they don’t like flying into narrow gaps.

When putting up tapes, it’s important they are straight from the start. You can’t tilt is as easy as you would do with a tilted hanging picture on the wall. That’s where your friend comes in handy. If one attaches the tape, and the other person makes sure it’s straight with a spirit level it will turn out great.

There are different types of tapes, but the most common are frosted-looking. Some customers may prefer their entire window to be treated. There are a lot of variations of tapes out there, but the best ones, in my opinion, are the ones from CollidEscape.


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