Can Ducks Eat Cherries? (Explained)

Can Ducks Eat Cherries?

Cherries are loved by most of us. They provide a great and refreshing taste, but also some good vitamins and minerals. That got me wondering – can I share the tasty cherries with my animals and those who love food the most? I did some research.

Ducks can eat cherries, and they like to eat them. Cherries are on the acidic side (3.2-3.83) and should therefore be offered in moderation and rarely. You should remove the pit inside as well as the stalk. Cherries can be given as an occasional treat from time to time as an addition to their feed.

A too high amount of acidic food can harm the duck and will cause stomach ache. However, it’s ok if you rarely feed the cherries in moderation and with alkaline foods like watermelon, asparagus, green peas, broccoli, and carrots.

You should avoid feeding the pit since it’s a choking hazard. Make it a habit to cut the cherries in half, remove the pit, and stalk before serving. The ducks prefer the cherries in water.

Can ducks eat cherries?

Can ducks eat cherries?

Ducks can eat cherries and will thrive on them. Cherries can be to ducks given as an occasional treat and should be combined with other foods, preferably alkaline foods.

Cherries contain around 50 calories per 100g. One cherry weighs around 5 grams. 20 cherries are 50 calories which are almost nothing. However, the problem isn’t the calories and sugar. It’s the acidity. Duck’s stomachs are more fragile than ours and shouldn’t be given acidic food too often and too much.

Ducks shouldn’t eat dried cherries since they are much more sugar-dense than fresh. 100 grams of dried cherries are over 300 calories and are still acidic. Do not feed ducks dried cherries.

Can ducklings eat cherries?

Can ducklings eat cherries?

Baby ducks shouldn’t consume cherries in their first four weeks of age. You can, after that, add a cherry gradually into their diet, but it shouldn’t be given often. At the beginning of their life, ducklings need special duckling feed with high amounts of protein. You don’t need to hurry the exposure to cherries.

What types of cherries can ducks eat?

Type of cherryCan ducks eat it?
Fresh cherriesYes
Dried cherriesNo
Pitted cherriesYes
Ground cherriesYes
Sour cherriesNo
Black cherriesYes
Cherry tree leavesNo
Moldy cherriesNo
Canned cherries *Yes

*Check if there are any sugar, salt or preservatives added. Avoid if added.

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Can ducks eat dried cherries?

Ducks shouldn’t eat dried cherries. Dried cherries have a too high sugar percentage which is harmful to ducks. When the cherry has been dehydrated, almost everything remaining is sugar. Ducks don’t have any problems becoming overweight and can also develop obesity with ease.

Can ducks eat pitted cherries?

Ducks can eat pitted cherries – that’s the way you should feed it to them. The seed inside can become a choking hazard. You can either buy pitted cherries or remove them yourself. However, pitted cherries you buy in a can usually have added sugars, preservatives, and salt. Check the label before buying. Ducks shouldn’t eat canned cherries where are added sugars, salt, or preservatives.

Can ducks eat ground cherries?

Ducks can eat ground cherries, and unlike regular cherries, they are alkaline. Although it’s not an acidic fruit, you should still feed in moderation, remove the pit, and cut them into smaller pieces. You should also remove the husk and stalk since they don’t provide any value.

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Can ducks eat sour cherries?

Sour cherries are more acidic than regular, and it would be best to avoid feeding them to ducks completely. Sometimes ducks have a feeling what’s too acidic even for them and ignore that food. Eat the sour cherries yourself.

Can ducks eat black cherries?

Ducks can eat black cherries as well as regular cherries. However, you should remove the pit, cut the cherry into halves, remove the stalk. Even though it’s low in calories, you should practice moderation.

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Can ducks eat cherry tree leaves?

Can ducks eat cherry tree leaves?

Ducks can’t eat cherry tree leaves. The leaves contain hydrogen cyanide which is toxic for them as well as humans.

Can ducks eat moldy cherries?

You should never feed any moldy food to any animal. Mold is toxic and can be lethal. Mold can be harmful just by inhaling the spores from the fungus growing. Throw away any rotten or moldy food.

Can ducks eat canned cherries?

Ducks can eat canned cherries if they canned cherries don’t have any added sugar, preservatives, or salt added. They need to be pitted and cut into smaller pieces before serving. It would also help if you rinsed them to remove some of the acidity.

Safe ways to feed cherries to ducks

Safe ways to feed cherries to ducks

There are some ways to feed cherries to ducks which are better than others. The best way to feed cherries to ducks is to mix with other foods. You can make salads, smoothies, nice cream, and other delicious foods the ducks like.

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Make a salad with cherries for your ducks

Ducks love to eat salads. Especially if it’s served in water and with their favorite foods. When you have cherries in your salad, ensure to have some alkaline foods as well. Ducks love alkaline foods like peas, green beans, carrots, and broccoli. Cook them up and serve with the cherries and you will have happy ducks. Don’t forget to cut the larger vegetables up into smaller pieces.

Make a smoothie with cherries for your ducks

Smoothies are easy to make and don’t require much effort. Smoothie bowls containing alkaline fruits like apples and bananas are a must. You can make the smoothie creamier with oats. Add some of their favorite green vegetables to intrigue them to a fantastic green smoothie bowl. Don’t forget to remove stalks and pits before adding the cherries to the blender.

Make nice cream with cherries for your ducks

Nice cream is homemade ice cream but without the dairy. It’s super simple to make yourself and doesn’t require much time at all. You will need some peeled frozen bananas, water, and oats. You can add pitted cherries to add a sweet flavor and strong color. Check out the video below for inspiration. In the video, they are using almond milk. If you wish to use vegan milk – use unsweetened, or use water and add some oats.

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What to think about when feeding cherries to ducks

What to think about when feeding cherries to ducks
  • The cherry need to be pitted
  • The cherry need to be cut
  • Feed in moderation
  • Don’t feed too often
  • Feed in bucket of water – not their swim water
  • Feed with other foods
  • Check for mold before feeding
  • Remove any leaves and stalks before feeding
  • Don’t feed dried cherries

How many cherries should I give my ducks?

How many cherries should I give my ducks?

The amount of cherries you give your duck is determined by the other foods in the duck’s diet. Cherries should be given as an occasional treat and pretty seldom. However, if you give your ducks some cherries, combine them with other foods. Since cherries are pretty low in calories. I try to aim for a maximum of five cherries per duck. It’s important the stalk and seed are removed before feeding. An easy and mess-free way to remove the seeds from several cherries at once is to put them in a small plastic bag. Press them flat inside the bag see the seed getting pushed out. A rolling pin or pot can be used.

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Health benefits from eating cherries for ducks

Health benefits for ducks from eating cherries

Cherries mainly contain potassium and vitamin c. Of course, they contain a lot more vitamins and minerals, but it’s potassium and vitamin c that stick s out. Potassium is paramount in the duck’s diet.

Potassium in cherries for ducks

Potassium is paramount in a duck’s diet, as well as Calcium. Potassium’s role in the body is the regulate the fluid balance and help different cells. For example, nerve cells or muscle cells. Examples of foods rich in potassium ducks can eat bananasbroccolibrussels sproutspeas, lentilsnutspotatoes, and tomatoes.

Vitamin C in cherries for ducks

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps the immune system prevent diseases. It helps for the growth, repair, and development of body tissues. Foods containing vitamin c ducks can eat are broccoli, brussels sprouts, potatoes, and strawberries.

Nutrient (unit)Sour cherriesFresh cherries
Weight standard (g)100100
Energy (kcal)6169
Energy (kJ)256287
Carbohydrates (g)13.3414.68
Fat (g)0.080.1
Protein (g)0.881.09
Fiber (g)1.41.87
Water (g)83.881.6
Alcohol (g)00
Ashes (g)0.510.65
Monosaccharides (g)15.414.6
Disaccharides (g)00
Sucrose (g)00
Sugars (g)15.414.6
Total saturated fatty acids (g)0.020.02
Fatty acid 4: 0-10: 0 (g)00
Lauric acid C12: 0 (g)00
Myristic acid C14: 0 (g)00
Palmitic acid C16: 0 (g)0.010.01
Stearic acid C18: 0 (g)00.01
Arachidic acid C20: 0 (g)00
Total monounsaturated fatty acids (g)0.020.02
Palmitic acid C16: 1 (g)00
Oleic acid C18: 1 (g)0.020.02
Total polyunsaturated fatty acids (g)0.020.04
Linoleic acid C18: 2 (g)0.010.02
Linolenic acid C18: 3 (g)0.010.02
Arachidonic acid C20: 4 (g)00
EPA (C20:5) (g)00
DPA (C22:5) (g)00
DHA (C22:6) (g)00
Tiamin (mg)0.010.02
Riboflavin (mg)0.020.03
Vitamin C (mg)4.412.3
Niacin (mg)0.30.2
Niacin equivalents (NE / mg)0.40.33
Vitamin B6 (mg)0.050.07
Vitamin B12 (µg)00
Folate (µg)9.724.7
Retinol (µg)00
Vitamin A (RE/µg)165.9
β-Karoten (µg)17861
Vitamin D (µg)00
Vitamin E (mg)0.550.57
Vitamin K (µg)6.23.4
Phosphorus (mg)1822
Iodine (µg)0.20.2
Iron (mg)0.20.3
Calcium (mg)16.216.6
Potassium (mg)220286
Magnesium (mg)98
Sodium (mg)0.50.7
Salt (g)00
Selenium (µg)00
Zinc (mg)0.10.1
Cholesterol (mg)00
Whole grains total (g)00
Waste (shell etc.) (%)1010

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Cherries for ducks

Ducks and baby ducklings can eat cherries and both will enjoy the taste of it. Cherries shouldn’t be given too often to ducks since they are acidic. When feeding cherries to ducks, make sure to add some other foods as well. I usually pick alkaline foods like carrots or peas to balance the pH.

Ducks can’t eat all types of cherries, and there are some to avoid.

Ducks can eat:

  • Fresh cherries
  • Pitted cherries
  • Ground cherries
  • Black cherries
  • Canned cherries

Ducks can’t eat:

  • Dried cherriesa
  • Sour cherries
  • Cherry tree leaves
  • Moldy cherries

When feeding pitted cherries or cherries in a can – make sure to check the ingredients list. Don’t feed them cherries that have sugar, salt or preservatives added to them.

Safe ways ducks can eat cherries are:

  • In a salad
  • In a smoothie
  • In a nice cream
  • With other foods
  • In a bucket of water

Cherries mainly contain potassium and vitamin c. Of course, they contain a lot more vitamins and minerals, but it’s potassium and vitamin c that stick s out. Potassium is paramount in the duck’s diet.

The amount of cherries you give your duck is determined by the other foods in the duck’s diet. Cherries should be given as an occasional treat and pretty seldom


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