Can Ducks Eat Kale? (Everything To Know)

Can Ducks Eat Kale?

Kale is an excellent vegetable that fits almost every dish. The green vegetable provides a huge variety of nutrients and is seen as many as the number one vegetable due to its dense nutrient content. Not only do humans enjoy the leafy green, but also our two and four-legged friends. Farmers often have problems with animals visiting and trying to eat their kale. Perhaps they also know the benefits of eating kale. How about our bewinged friends?

Ducks can eat kale, and they certainly love it. Kale is great for adding into their regular diet, serve on its own, or even do things with, like mashed potatoes or smoothies. Kale adds Calcium and Potassium, which are paramount in a duck’s diet. However, feed in moderation due to its water content.

Raw kale is about 84% water, which can be a problem for ducks if not fed in moderation. Eating food with high water content may cause diarrhea and make them feel bloated. You can deflect this with foods like oats that inhibit diarrhea.

You can feed kale to ducks in different ways. For example:

  • Raw
  • In smoothies
  • As chips
  • In mashed potatoes
  • Salad
  • Soup

Comparison between kale, broccoli, and cabbage

Carbohydrates (g)96,646
Fat (g)0,90,370,1
Protein (g)32,821,3
Calcium (mg)1504740
Potassium (mg)491316170
Iron (mg)1,50,730,5
Magnesium (mg)472112
Vitamin C (mg)12089,236,6

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Can ducks eat kale?

Can ducks eat kale?

Ducks can eat kale, and they thrive on it. Kale is not only very nutritious it is also very delicious. You can incorporate kale into a duck’s diet in many different ways. The most important thing to do is to ensure it’s not too big pieces for them to eat. Kale usually is a bit stiff and long which can be pretty hard for ducks to consume.

As long as you chop it up into smaller pieces, you are fine. Ducks can eat both the leaves and stem of the kale, and both are very nutritious. The stem holds most of the fiber, and the leaves most of the vitamins and minerals.

Can ducklings eat kale?

Can ducklings eat kale?

Ducklings can have kale added to their diet when they have turned four weeks of age. It would be best if you started incorporating kale as a weekly treat instead of a daily staple – at first. There’s also the opportunity of adding kale powder to their diet. That way, they receive all the benefits from eating kale but don’t have to worry about getting diarrhea from all the water. I add one scoop per 5 ducklings—adult ducks 2 scoops per 5 ducks.

Do ducks like to eat kale?

Do ducks like to eat kale?

Ducks love to eat kale when it’s mixed with other foods. My ducks don’t seem to like it when they get kale by themselves and not combined with anything else. Their favorite kale mix is cut kale in a bowl with green peas. If you have a hard time making the ducks eat the kale, you might want to consider hiding it in their diet. Cut into the smallest pieces you can and mix it with their favorite foods. The same you would do with babies or dogs.

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Can ducks eat raw kale?

Can ducks eat raw kale?

Ducks can eat raw kale and benefit from it. Raw kale tends to be a bit stiff, and sometimes massaging it can help to loosen it up. Removing the leaves from the stem also helps relaxing it. My best advice would be to fold a few kale leaves and use a rolling pin a few times. Make sure to cut it into smaller pieces so it won’t get stuck in their throat.

Can ducks eat cooked kale?

Can ducks eat cooked kale?

Ducks can have their kale cooked as long as you don’t add any spices to it. If you want to boil the kale making it lose its stiffness, it’s fine. I highly recommend saving the water for later use. Either as vegetable broth or as water for watering plants. If you are sauteeing the kale, make sure not to use any oils or butter.

The best way to cook kale would be to steamed. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes to steam kale, and it will soften it up really well for the ducks to eat. Please make sure the kale is chopped before steaming it. When you are done, you can cut it up some more, to be sure.

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Can ducks eat the kale stem?

Can ducks eat the kale stem?

Ducks can eat the stem of the kale as long as you have chopped it into tiny pieces first. The stem is the hardest part of the vegetable since it holds the most fiber. Treat the stem separately and ensure it’s cut into the tiniest pieces. You can add the stem to the duck’s regular pellets.

What vegetables can ducks eat?

Can ducks eat frozen kale?

Can ducks eat frozen kale?

You can feed frozen kale as long as you have defrosted it first. Cutting, preparing, and freezing the kale once a week is a great time saver and will help you greatly with the daily feed. I meal prep every Sunday and have dedicated bags for each day in the freezer. The bags are moved from the freezer to the fridge the night before.

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Can ducks eat moldy or withered kale?

Can ducks eat frozen kale?

You should never feed any animal food that has mold on it. Mold is toxic and may kill them. If the leaves have started to wither, you can cut off the withered part and feed the rest to the duck. You can notice mold on the leaves in the form of a black residue. You can spot mildew through a white discolorization of the leaves.

Can ducks eat canned kale greens?

Can ducks eat canned kale greens?

Ducks can eat canned kale greens if there isn’t anything else added to it. Most canned kale greens are packed with sugars, salt, and preservatives. Sometimes the kale is even seasoned. Unless you find canned kale greens with nothing more than kale and water, you shouldn’t feed the ducks.

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Vegetables similar to kale

There are some vegetables similar to ducks you can exchange for kale:

Don't feed spinach to ducks
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Collard greens
  • Cabbage

Vegetables similar to kale you can’t feed ducks:

  • Spinach
  • Pesto
  • Eggplants

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How do you cut kale for ducks?

How do you cut kale for ducks?

Cutting kale is easy and doesn’t require much effort. Ensure to use the entire piece of kale and not only the leaves. Ducks can also eat the stem and will benefit from it. Cut the leaves as shown in the video below, but make sure to cut the stem too.

Safe ways of feeding kale to ducks

Safe ways of feeding kale to ducks

There are numerous ways to feed kale to ducks in a safe way. I will share my 8 best tips to serve the fantastic vegetable to your ducks in a safe way. I hope you will try at least one f them.

1. Cut, massage and put them to a bucket of water

This is the simplest of all ways to feed kale to your ducks. The only thing you need to do is to cut the kale up into tiny pieces. You can cut multiple leaves at the same time. Fold the kale when cutting to both save time and making it sturdier to cut. After the kale has been cut, add it to a bowl, and massage it. You will soon notice how the stiffness is disappearing, and it almost feels like handling iceberg lettuce. When you are done massaging the kale, add it to a bucket of water. Simple as that!

2. Cut, massage, and mix with their other foods

This method is just as simple as the first. Cut the kale into small pieces by using the folding method. Massage the kale in a bowl—mix in some of the pellets you usually feed your ducks with, ready to serve.

3. Make a kale smoothie bowl

Feeding your ducks a refreshing smoothie is a great way to ensure they receive all the nutrients for the day. You can add fruits, vegetables but also Kale powder to boost the antioxidants even more.

My duck’s favorite smoothie bowl recipe includes:

4. Kale soup is awesome

Kale soup is another super-easy way to give your ducks’ kale safely. The soup doesn’t even need to be heated and can be served cold. It’s easier if you cook it, but you will need to serve it cold.

I cut the kale using the folding method. I cut carrots into smaller pieces and cut potatoes in half. Boil everything for 20 minutes. When it’s done, I add some KalePowder. After that, I use a stick mixer and blend it until it has a good texture. The starch from the carrots and potatoes thickens the soup.

You can do this by yourself, but I suggest adding some leeks, onions, garlic, and maybe a bouillon cube. These shouldn’t be offered to ducks since they are toxic.

5. A simple salad

You can make a simple salad your ducks will enjoy. The ducks will become a bit boring if served to humans. You can’t add any spices or oil, making it pretty dull.

You can add the following to the kale salad for ducks:

You will need to grate the carrots, chop the tomatoes, slice the apples, cook, and cut the broccoli.

Never add avocado, baby spinach, green onions, lemon, or oranges to the salad.

6. Make mashed potatoes with kale inside

Making mashed potatoes for ducks is really simple, and they really like it. You can hide other vegetables inside the mashed potatoes to boost the nutrient content even more.

How to make mashed potatoes for ducks

  1. Peel the potatoes and rinse them.
  2. Boil the potatoes in unsalted water for 20 minutes.
  3. When the potatoes are done you move them from the pot into a bowl
  4. Save the cooking water.
  5. Mash the potatoes with a potato masher.
  6. Add some of the cooking water to help it get it into a mashed potato texture.
  7. It’s ok if there are some small pieces of potato left.
  8. When you are feeling satisfied you are done.

You can add chopped kale, broccoli, peas, or grated carrots. The options are endless.

7. Make kale chips

Making kale chips is an effortless way to feed kale to your ducks. It’s the same method to use when doing potato chips for ducks or apple chips for ducks.

How to make kale chips for ducks:

  1. Preheat the oven to 150° C or 302° F.
  2. While the oven heats up, you can cut the leaves of the stem.
  3. Put the leaves on a baking sheet on a plate.
  4. Put them into the oven for 20 minutes.
  5. Take them out and flip them, and have in the oven for another 10 minutes.
  6. Done!

If you make them for yourself, you add oils, salt, and spices during step 5.

8. Make kale nice cream

Last but not least. The ducks deserve some dessert. Giving your ducks nice cream using frozen bananas is an excellent way to make them eat many vegetables and get their vitamins. You can add Kale Powder in the nice cream mix along with both kale, bananas, peas, broccoli – you name it.

Not sure what nice cream is? Check the video below.

🦐 It’s great to give your leftover kale to your ducks if they don’t have any spices or oil on them. There are alot of human food you can give to ducks. Learn which here.

Unsafe ways to feed kale to ducks

There are three major risks when feeding kale to ducks. I will give you my best advice to be aware of when feeding ducks kale.

1. The bits are too big

It’s easy to miss, and sometimes a kale leaf can be treacherous. Feeding ducks too big pieces may cause them to suffocate. The best way to chop kale is to use the folding method. When you fold the kale multiple times, the pieces become smaller when cutting. After chopping the folded piece, rotate it 90° and cut it again, making the pieces even smaller.

2. Leaves are moldy

Make sure to check the kale after mold before serving it. Mold in kale looks like black dirt on the leaves. If you see mold on kale and it has been in contact with other kale, it would be best to throw out all leaves in contact with it. Mold spread quickly and is very harmful to ducks.

3. Not feeding in moderation

Although kale is very nutritious and healthy, it can be a problem when feeding too much of it. Kale is 84% water, and eating too much kale may cause the ducks to have diarrhea. Diarrhea can cause dehydration and may hurt their kidneys.

How much kale can I feed my ducks?

How much kale can I feed my ducks?

The amount of kale you can give your ducks is determined by how much other food you are giving them. Ducks need a specific caloric intake (check with a veterinarian if you are unsure how much your ducks need). If you increase the amount of kale in their diet, you will need to decrease something else. You will also need to be aware of increasing the other foods when increasing the amount of kale in their diet. Kale has high water content and may cause diarrhea. Therefore, it’s also good to adjust the number of foods that inhibit diarrhea. Foods like oats, bananasapplesaucerice, and potatoes are great additions to a kale-rich diet. If you aren’t fond of the idea of adding more food to their diet but still want to give your ducks the benefits kale brings, you might want to grab a bag of Kale Powder. It has the same nutritional value as kale but lacks the amount of water. Win-win.

How often can I feed my ducks’ kale?

How often can I feed my ducks' kale?

Feeding your ducks kale daily might be a good idea if you have control over their other foods. A diet rich in kale may lead to diarrhea unless you also provide them with inhibiting foods. While kale is low in calories, it can be served in high volume and still provides many nutrients. However, it still takes up room in their stomach without providing much energy. A good balance between other foods and kale is key to have healthy ducks. You can add kale powder to their diet and let them fill their bellies with foods that provide them more energy. A bag of kale powder lasts 45 days for my ducks and is pretty inexpensive comparing to other foods.

How do I store kale the best way?

How do I store kale the best way?

I prefer to store my kale in the freezer using the method described in the video below. I remove the leaves from the stem, chop both separately, and store them inside a good plastic bag. Pressing the bag and trying to flatten it removes the air inside, making it easy to seal. I meal-prep on Sundays and prepare bags for every day the upcoming week.

Health benefits from feeding kale to ducks

Health benefits from feeding kale to ducks

There are numerous benefits from feeding kale to ducks, and lots of them are because of the high amount of vitamins and minerals in kale. Many people say kale is a superfood, and it’s hard to disagree with that.

Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium can be found in kale, which is remarkably important in a duck’s diet.

Vitamin C in kale for ducks

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to boost the immune system. It also provides help against iron deficiency.

Iron in kale for ducks

Iron is pretty important in the duck’s body. Iron supports the production of hemoglobin which transfers oxygen to different body parts.

Calcium in kale for ducks

Calcium is important in the duck’s body and maybe one of the most important. The reason why calcium is important in the duck’s body is because of egg production. Eggshells are almost entirely made of calcium and are also required to produce healthy ducklings.

Potassium in kale for ducks

Potassium is important for the fluid balance in the body and keeping the cells healthy. Potassium support both muscle cells, nerve cells but also muscle contractions.

Magnesium in kale for ducks

Magnesium supports bone health and improves cardiovascular health. It may also help the duck to sleep better.


Can Ducks Eat Kale?

Ducks can eat kale and love it as long as it isn’t served in too large pieces and by itself. Ducks prefer the kale mixed with other foods and as in small pieces as possible.

Ducklings can eat kale after they have turned four weeks old. You can incorporate kale in their diet as an occasional treat and later increasing the amount. You can boost their health early with Kale powder which holds all the benefits regular does but without the water content.

Kale contains a lot of water, and consuming food with a large amount of water can increase the risk of diarrhea.

Ducks can eat kale raw, in smoothies, as chips, in mashed potatoes, salads, and soups.

You can freeze kale, defrost and serve it to your ducks.

You should never feed moldy or withered kale to ducks since it’s toxic to them.

Ducks can eat canned kale greens if there aren’t any salt, sugar, or preservatives added.

The best way to cut kale is to use the folding method. Fold several leaves and chop them. Rotate 90° and chop again.

8 Safe ways of feeding kale to ducks:

  • Cut, massage and put them to a bucket of water
  • Cut, massage, and mix with their other foods
  • Make a kale smoothie bowl
  • Kale soup is awesome
  • A simple salad
  • Make kale chips
  • Make mashed potatoes with kale inside

Avoid feeding kale this way to ducks:

  • The bits are too big
  • Leaves are moldy
  • Not feeding in moderation

You can feed kale to your ducks as long as you adjust the other food in their diet. Ensure you are giving kale in moderation and provide them with diarrhea inhibiting foods.

You can find Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium in kale.


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